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doing the waltz with your murderer

General Info

{Name} connelly louise benson brant
{Age} 14
{Location} West Columbia, SC

{Single?} single, but taken

{Place of Birth} Greenville, south carolina

{School} Lexington middle :(
{Fav. Class} dont really have one

{Fav. College} University of South Carolina


{Sum yourself in 5 sentences} I'm very outgoing. I doubt you'll ever meet another kid like me. I'm one of those people who is always trying to make people laugh, even if it's doing the dumbest crap.i love listening to music. and i hang out with all kinds of people-- i dont judge you on how you look, or anything like that.
{10 Favorite Artists/Bands} taking back sunday, atreyu, evergreen terrace, Mewithoutyou, emery, from first to last, Modest Mouse, chingy, Lil Jon, Lil Whyte, emery, Underoath

{Hobbies} going to shows, i like bananna joes, and hangint out with friends
{Stuff you like} mm.. music, boys, hanging out with friends, and just doing whatever.
{Stuff you don't like} rubber bands, scratched CDs, roadkill, and fat people running/kissing

{Favorite Quote}
"No woman, no cry" -- Bob Marley

{5 Favorite Movies} Moulin rouge, bad boys II, and just anything funny
{Pets / Siblings?}
6cats ((i hate cats))

Queries and Quests

{How did the election go?} Sucked.. kerry backed out? ghey

{Democrat / Republican} Republican

{Sraight Edge?} Nah, not really

{Whats your take on Smoking, drugs, alcohol and sex?} if you love someone and want to have sex, go right ahead. done drugs, and smoked- dont really bother me-and i only do on occasions
{Promote this Community to 3 people} haha,sure will ben!(and selah<3)

{Post 4+ clear images of yourself}

that last one is HORRRRRIBLE! sorry, i couldnt find a more recent one.
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wow, i like messed up and it did it twice- and idk why it has that pic twice. sorry ben& selah- never tried to join a community before this one. :'( i'll fix it if you let me.
Cuz Connelly is cool, and when she hangs out with all kinds she does. She hung out with me and dustin and our crew, and she'll chill with Jess Maki and all the other crews I dont know of yet.
And she isnt lying about her music. Jus so you kno.
yay! i do, i do. I hang out with all kinds :D thanks ben!
you're cool
but you didn't promote :(
oh well.
thanks selah! i dont know how to promote:( i tried, and bianca tried to teach me, but it didnt go over so well. same to you ben :( i'm willing to learn, if you're willing to teach me. :D <3
Until you promote, with links to the page you did it at.
+ Your real pretty
+ i remember hearing about you from dustin.
+ & your bands are alright.

so, yeahhh ;D
++your pretty
+ most of your bands
You look older than 14.
thanks!:D you're pretty too-- haha, i guess looking older can be somewhat good?

Deleted comment


lil jon and lil wyte kick major ass
amen, brotha. ;D
See how this girl votes? She covers everything.

Way to go twin.

Deleted comment

Did i forget pubes? Damnit.
sorry, i lost my digital camera, so i had to take those from my phone. gah, i'll try and get some more. thanks for even considering it. single but taken- we're talking, dating if you will, we just dont care about titles, and we're trying to get that point across. we love eachother, so we dont care. plus, why should that even matter?

-atreyu= awesome
-lil whyte= good drug music(( if you're into that-- i used to be very into smoking))
-lil jon-i said i liked bananna joes-- good dancin music. what can i say?

no way, my hair is noooot purple, i have no idea why it showed up like that? hmm.. ::wonders:: o'well.

ps. my bad, people make mistakes. :D
but unless you get some promotions, you're not accepted.
okie dokie. i'll work on it :(