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General Info

{Name} chris
{Age} 16
{Location}san diego
{Single?} yes
{Place of Birth} san diego
{School} MVHS
{Fav. Class} photo
{Fav. College} not sure yet


{Sum yourself in 5 sentences} i like to skateboard. i like to hang out with friends. i like to smoke, but i hate thoes people who wear rasta colors. i like to sleep and eat. i have ADHD.
{10 Favorite Artists/Bands} Zxibit, gunit, 50cent, modest mouse, moving units, operation ivy, chinese stars, the doors, Dr.Dre, the beatles, the adicts
{Hobbies} skateboarding, photo 
{Stuff you like} animals, ipod, tv, food, friends.
{Stuff you don't like} racist, stuck up people, scene
{Favorite Quote}Take the diplomacy out of war and the thing would fall flat in a week
Will Rogers
{5 Favorite Movies}pulp fiction, graden state, blow, all 3 lord of the rings
{Pets / Siblings?}dog(1), brother(1)

Queries and Quests

{How did the election go?} bad
{Democrat / Republican}democrat
{Sraight Edge?}nope
{Whats your take on Smoking, drugs, alcohol and sex?} its alright as long as its not effecting yourself or the people around you.
{Promote this Community to 3 people}precious_kill, rafter_von, yoowantmypantys
{Post 4+ clear images of yourself}

{Get on your knees and tell me me you love me} i love you

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