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doin the waltz with your murderer

general info.

∙name/ anamarie
∙age/ 15
∙location/ del mar, ca
∙single/ yes
∙born in / la mesa
∙school/ torrey pines high
∙fav. class/ interior design
∙fav. college/ grossmont haha


1. i am caring
2. i am restless and always full of spunk
3. i am idealistic
4. i dance to jimi hendrix on a daily basis
5. i love california burritos.

∙bands/ pink floyd, spoon, throwdown, cropknox, sham 69, blitz, cursive, blood brothers, kind of like spitting, alexisonfire.
∙hobbies/ tackle football, ballet, skateboarding.. um sleeping
∙likes/ smoothies, fast food restraunts, strawberry shortcake girl , photobooths, animal liberation, horror, retro style, black lights, tattoos, and piercings.
∙dislikes/ people who think looks matter, bad relationships, certain shades of yellow, toupees, excessive body hair.
∙quote/ Never allow someone to be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option.
∙movies/ the outsiders, party monster, gia, dirty dancing, beetle juice
∙pets/ none
∙siblings/ one

queries and quests

∙ how did the election go? i couldn't sit threw it
∙ i am a democrat
∙ i am not straight edge, sorry.
∙ i don't have a problem with drugs, alochol, or sex. i believe in forgiveness and everyone is a human being and is curious.i don't do most things. and people who do hardcore drugs make me nervous.
∙ promoted to/thescarofregret, uvegotsexappeal, xyouaremyonly1x

4 clear images

oh...i'm on my knees, and i love you. hehe
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