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doing the waltz with your murderer

General Info
.name. selah
.age. seventeen
.location. lexington, sc
.single?. nope :D
.place of birth. stevens point, wi
.school. lexington high (oh joy)
.fav class. art 2D
.fav college. i want to go to st. andrews presbyterian (they have a good equestrian program)

.sum yourself in 5 sentences. i'm honest. i'm funny. i'm picky. i'm not like anyone else you'll ever meet. and most likely, you're boring.
.10 favorite artists/bands. taking back sunday, brand new, underoath, mewithoutyou, blindside, the juliana theory, the postal service, dashboard, sixpence none the richer, afi
.hobbies. horseback riding. drawing. singing. swimming. making up crazy outfits. dying my hurr.
.stuff you like. music, art, drama, laughing, stars, warm nights, making people happy, sarcasm
.stuff you don't like. roadkill, people who take everything seriously, closed minded nitwits, hurting people, cold weather
.favorite quote. "mer!"
.5 favorite movies. big fish, the bourne identity, the bourne supremacy, the italian job, les miserables
.pets/siblings?. i have a dog a cat and a brother. i have to clean up after all of them.

Queries and Quests
.how did the election go. it was really close. but i'm not complaining.
.democrat/republican. errrr..."open minded republican" ha. right.
.straight edge?. what about it? i've never called myself sXe but that's what some people tell me i am. so whatever.
.what is your take on smoking, drugs, alcohol, and sex? i don't do it, but if you do then it's your choice.
.promote to 3 people. imnotavril, raggedy_o0o_anna, thisis_glamour
.4+ pictures.

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