Ka Ka Katrina (homexisxnowhere) wrote in white_genocide,
Ka Ka Katrina

Doing the waltz with your murderer!!

General Info
.name. Katie
.age. 15
.location. west columbia, sc
.single?. yep
.place of birth. Fort Myers, FL
.school. white knoll high
.fav class. current issues (well was)
.fav college. USC!

.sum yourself in 5 sentences. im very loud. I am brutally honest. I like taking pointless drives by myself. I love my friends a lot. I am funny.
.10 favorite artists/bands. The Blood Brothers, Underoath, FBTMOF, ETID, haste the day, He Is Legend, Twista, Across Five Aprils, Emery, Yesterdays Rising
.hobbies. swimming, sleeping, shopping,lacrosse, dancing, hanging out with friends, and going to shows.
.stuff you like. music, shows, pretty summer nights, friends, laughing
.stuff you don't like. cocky guys, bitches, ignorance, fat people in spandex
.favorite quote. "your not drunk unless you have to hold onto grass to keep from falling off the earth"-a commercial from comedy central..bahaha i thought it was funny.
.5 favorite movies. moulin rouge, hedwig and the angry inch, rocky horror, Napoleon Dynamite, The Pest
2 doggies
1 kitty
1 brother
1 sister
Queries and Quests
.how did the election go. it was really close but i dont agree with either of them really.
.democrat/republican. republican
.straight edge?. no
.what is your take on smoking, drugs, alcohol, and sex? if your not harming anybody elses lives, then its your decision.
.promote to 3 people. turntotatters, minus memories, heartbeat_racin
.4+ pictures.

I saw you at the mall a few days ago, your girlyfriends prettayy. Ya'll are cute :) <3
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