michael (oblivious_self) wrote in white_genocide,

General Info

{Name} Michael Stefan Nemec
{Age} 14
{Location} Lexington, SC
{Single?} yes
{Place of Birth} lexington
{School} Lexington Middle School
{Fav. Class} Art
{Fav. College} um not shure yet prolly USC


{Sum yourself in 5 sentences} I like to make new friends. I do not judge people and do not label them. I love to play the guitar. I am lazy yet very energetic. i am very loving
{10 Favorite Artists/Bands} Head Automatica, The Postal Service, Greenday, The Used, Brand New, He is Legend, My Chemical Romance, Emery, The Format,Taking Back Sunday
{Stuff you like} guitars, music, dirtbikes, clothes,
{Stuff you don't like} vegetables, school, homework,
{Favorite Quote} not shure i have so many..
{5 Favorite Movies} Napolean Dynamite, Joe Dirt, A Night at the Roxbury, Top Gun,Emperors New Groove!!
{Pets / Siblings?} yes 2 dogs and 3 sisters

Queries and Quests

{How did the election go?} Bush won..
{Democrat / Republican} republican
{Sraight Edge?} not really..
{Whats your take on Smoking, drugs, alcohol and sex?} not against them
{Promote this Community to 3 people}
keepthe_details, __groove, labelkills13
{Post 4+ clear images of yourself}

{Get on your knees and tell me me you love me}
:: i get on my knees and start bowing:: i am not worthy!
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