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General Info

{Name} Claire
{Age} Fourteen
{Location} Columbia, SC
{Single?} Yes
{Place of Birth} in a hospital in Columbia
{School} AC Flora High School
{Fav. Class} Theatre or German
{Fav. College} I don't really have a favorite. I guess NYU


{Sum yourself in 5 sentences} I'm extremely loud and obnoxious when I'm in public. I can be a bitch but I'm generally a nice person. I'm honest. I take my camera everywhere. And, I hate illiterate people who can't type for shit.
{10 Favorite Artists/Bands} Circle Takes The Square, Le Tigre, Bane, Throwdown, Gravy Train!!!!, Emery, mewithoutYou, Mates of State, Tilly & the Wall, Denali.
{Hobbies} going to shows, photography, eating, watching movies, irish dance, theatre, hanging out with my friendss
{Stuff you like} silence, cameras, water, being a spaz, eating your weight in chocolate, cooking pasta at 3 am for my friends when pizza places aren't open, long car rides with your best friends.
{Stuff you don't like} knee surgery (it's a fucking bummer), physical therapy, idiotic people who think they're right when they're wrong. Bugs.
{Favorite Quote} I don't really have a favorite quote.
{5 Favorite Movies} Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, Say Anything, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fight Club
{Pets / Siblings?} I have three dogs, Bramble, Chloe, Lena, and Caitlin. Well, actually Caitlin's my sister.

Queries and Quests

{How did the election go?} I don't care much for politics but I guess you could say it went awry.
{Democrat / Republican} I'm a Republican, I guess.
{Sraight Edge?} I'm straight edge but I'm not going to preach to you if you aren't straight edge. Most of my friends aren't straight edge, I'm fine with that. As long as they don't try to pressure me to do things.
{Whats your take on Smoking, drugs, alcohol and sex?} It's your body, do what you want with it. But for me, I wouldn't smoke, drink, or do drugs because I have too many health problems, but also because I've seen what a lot of it can do to people and it's not pretty. As for sex, well, I wouldn't have sex unless I knew I loved the person and I'd been in a relationship with them for a while.
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